I finally get Brutus

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I finally get Brutus

My fantasy of being with Brutus had finally turned into reality. His muscular body and BBC get me wet instantly just by looking at him. However, getting together with him wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

First, I waited for him for an hour, horny as ever, in my sexy lingerie outfit, but he hadn’t shown up. Jimmy had even set up our new lighting equipment and had his camera all ready to go, all of which we were beginning to think was a waste of time.

When I called him again to find out if he was still planning to come over, he didn’t even answer his phone. I finally took out one of my trusty vibrators and played with myself for half an hour to relieve my sexual frustration just before Brutus finally showed up. With my high sexual appetite,

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I just had to get down and dirty with his BBC in various positions. He was well worth the wait, even though I was sore for several days after!

When Brutus was leaving I gave him an open door policy, meaning if he is ever in the area, he can just stop by and have me whenever he wants!


I finally get Brutus


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I finally get Brutus 1

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For those of you here for the first time we’d like to tell you a little about us. My husband and I started this site because we were disappointed by the crummy sites we had visited or joined.

And that was back in the days before the blast of huge porn conglomerates and sleazeball ripoff artists REALLY overwhelmed the web!

We were tired of seeing paid “actresses” yawning their way through sex scenes, or worse- screaming at the top of their lungs as though being plowed by a water buffalo, then practically snapping their necks to get away from the sperm that was being blasted towards them.

I mean, why would a woman that was really enjoying the sex or giving a slow loving blowjob or handjob not want to enjoy the “reward” that she had worked so hard to receive? 🙂

I’m not like that! I LOVE having sex, and have never faked an orgasm on video.

When I climax on the site it’s authentic. Why in the world would a woman want to fake an orgasm when she can actually HAVE one?

Never could figure that out. I mean, can you ever imagine a guy saying “nah, I don’t want to cum, let’s just fake this scene” ? Never…


It’s not a job, it’s a LOVE. I really get off making his cock spurt, trying to see how much sperm I can coax out of him (and believe me, this guy can cum!) I know how good it feels to him and I love giving him pleasure!

I enjoy having him cum in my mouth (I will swallow every drop a guy can muster) or I also love to have a load blasted all over my face (the bigger the mess the better, I normally will masturbate after receiving a heavy facial).

A little about me- I’m 5’6″, weigh around 125lbs, 36DD (or 34F) boobs. I have very large dark areolas and love to have my big nipples sucked on (especially during orgasm). I have never been a stripper, pornstar, hooker or any other job in the sex industry.

I’ve always been a normal (well, I’ll admit to being sexually obsessed) healthy woman.

I have always had a slender body and slim legs to go with my big boobs, so I’m very fortunate in that regard!

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